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Zach started his coaching career in the game of basketball when he was 19. It was when being recommended to take a middle school position from his high school basketball coach that Zach fell in love with coaching. Being able to be around kids and have the ability to still be a part of the game, he dedicated much of his time to coaching. Because he wanted to continue coaching, he tried to figure out the best way to be able to coach as many teams as he could, and he decided being a Physical Education teacher was the best career that allowed for coaching. Zach coached basketball for 15 years, including all levels from middle school to college.


Because his oldest daughter had a love for volleyball at a young age and wanted to begin learning the game, Zach became a student of the game and started learning. He grew up with sisters who played at the collegiate level, so had been around high level volleyball most of his life. He began coaching and started the Bradenton Spartan Elite.  


Zach is the co-founder and owner of Bradenton Spartans Elite. Zach was really excited that he could share his faith as a Christian and knew that being a coach allows him to be able to share what Jesus has done for him. Bradenton Spartans Elite started with only three teams that played locally, focusing on player development both in the game of volleyball and the challenges of life. With the current and past coaching staff, the program has and is continuing to grow. Through this hard work, Bradenton Spartans Elite is stronger than ever and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.


For the 2023 spring season, Zach coaches the 10’s team, where his youngest daughter is beginning to play, and helps and assists with all other levels. Zach has taken on a hands-on approach regarding BSE and continues to help guide this program through the bright and exciting future.


Zach also coaches JV volleyball and has assisted varsity at Bradenton Christian School for the last 4 years, and also gives private lessons to many in the area of Bradenton.

Noelle VanDuinen fell in love with volleyball at a young age. She started playing in middle school and continued to play it the rest of middle school and high school. She was an all-conference player with a skill set that helped carry her to team MVP along with possible college opportunities. If it wasn’t for an all-state track season that found her with a great scholarship opportunity with her field of study, she would have pursued volleyball in college. After being in college, and missing the game of volleyball, she coached at a local middle school team called East Grand Rapids. Moving to Lakeland, Florida, she wasn’t ready to go back into coaching yet, but wanted to still be a part of the game that meant so much to her, she decided to become an volleyball official for schools in Lakeland, Florida. Along that time, she was asked to be a coach in Lakeland for a club called LAVA. After that season, she knew the game of volleyball was going to be a lifelong sport coaching 11U for Riptide, and assistant coach for Bradenton Spartans throughout many age groups. Her focus now is on the administrative side of Bradenton Spartans making sure that all the behind the scenes run smoothly.

Noelle and her husband Zach run the Bradenton Spartans Elite. She has 3 children, Addelyn, Luke and Andi, with all of them involved in the sport in some way. If you would like to contact Noelle, please email her at .

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